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How can I get the full execution log of a Directive the is in error state in a node?

Christian 4 months ago • updated by Alexis Mousset 1 month ago 4

When a Directive is in error state, is there any way to get the full log of the commands executed to investigate which was the problem?

I only get messages like "Job failed on last completed execution"


Compliance report from agent

bpoulain 11 months ago • updated by lee ho 2 months ago 8


I have installed Rudder Server 4.1 and only one agent on debian 8 servers.

The server works normally (compliance is perfect). 

The agent seems to works normally ("rudder agent check" -> "Rudder agent check ran without errors", "rudder agent health" -> "OK") ... but compliance report is never send to the server. I suspect a certificat problem.

Can you help me ?

Thank you.