What is the versioning policy?

Rudder versions look like X.Y.Z (for example, 3.1.8).

Minor version increments (X.Y.Z1 –> X.Y.Z2, for example 2.1.8 to 3.1.9) are bug fix only releases. They can be considered as stable as the previous release, as we make a lot of effort to reduce the amount of changes that go into these versions. A full changelog is always available. Upgrading your Rudder version to the latest minor release is always recommended, and is designed to be easy.

Major version increments are currently an increment of X or Y (ie 3.1.* to 3.2.*). These versions include new features, and the amount of changed code can be considerable. An upgrade path from one major version to next will always be provided, but may not be between two non-consecutive versions (ie, upgrading from 3.0.* to 3.1.* is supported, and from 3.1.* to 3.2.* is too, but upgrading directly from 3.0.* to 3.2.* may not be – check the Upgrading section of the User Manual for specifics).

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